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The American Medical Association protects the practice of medicine and defends against inappropriate scope expansions by non-physicians at the state and federal level.  Our comprehensive campaign includes fact-based data and actionable resources for state medical associations, national specialty societies and physician leaders across the country to inform and educate lawmakers on the importance of physician-led teams. 

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Access to Care

The AMA’s series of GEOMAPS shows the practice location of physicians to non-physicians in every state.  These GEOMAPS clearly illustrate that non-physicians tend to practice in the same location as physicians, irrespective of state scope of practice laws.  Even in states where non-physicians have been granted independent practice, they have not moved into rural and underserved areas. 

Education & Training

Learn more about the vast differences in the education, training, licensure, and certification of non-physicians compared to physicians. Patients deserve to have their care led by physicians, the most highly trained health care professional.


Non-physicians tend to increase health care costs, due to increased prescribing and increased utilization of diagnostic and other health care services.  Find out more

AMA’s Health Workforce Mapper

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper is a free, customizable, interactive tool that illustrates the geographic distribution of the health care workforce. 

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